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Working with Real Estate Agents 101

Working with Real Estate Agents 101

Working with Real Estate Agents 101

Nations Lending’s branch managers and originators know that Realtors are one of the most important sources of introducing home buyers to new communities. Motivating or enticing them to visit a new community can be difficult, however, since they are bombarded with invitations to events, mixers, and industry meetings, especially during the busy spring selling season. So how can you stand out and woo real estate agents to your new developments? Fresh ideas may make the difference, and Nations Lending’s management encourages the sales staff to consider some of these.

Utilize an invitation-only approach via personal calls from the builders and developer in addition to print invitations and email blasts. On the day of the event, give the Realtors a useful swag bag with branded items.

Sell the local area. This angle will add strength to the message you want real estate agents to take from the event. Have food catered by a family-owned local restaurant. Use merchandise specifically created in your area such as a local beverage or product.

Who doesn’t love the opportunity to win a gift? Entering a drawing to win gift certificates to local businesses make a fabulous selling point to promote your area.

Make your tour unique. Promote your model homes as well as all the amenities.  Perhaps the community garden, multiple small parks and green spaces, the neighborhood pool and the site of the soon-to-be-constructed amenity center. Along the way, highlight the recreational opportunities in the community such as hiking and biking trails, lakes or maybe your local golf course.

Some Nations Lending staff make a special announcement during the invitation-only event. A new and exciting plan for the development such as private boat access to a popular lake or a new amenity center to be constructed.  Let the real estate agents be the first to see the renderings and learn about the advantages and highlights of the newest designs, which they will now be able to promote as a selling point for prospective buyers.

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