We know the on-boarding process can be a bit overwhelming. In an effort to make your transition easier, we've created a simple reference list of steps and marketing items you need

Onboarding Concierge is available for any non-loan related questions regarding your onboarding process. Mackenzie is the traffic director and can answer all questions.
Mackenzie.Hicar@nationslending.com or call 216-503-1811 

Scenario Desk is a great tool and the best resource for just about any scenario because Sharon Natale runs it and she is dynamite!  (please see the attachment for instructions, it also tells you how to search for previous discussions to see if that scenario has already been answered).  Here’s a link : https://bit.ly/2sKJjgI  
sharon.natale@nationslending.com or call 609-516-0488

Loan Officer general assistance please contact our Origination Manager Branch Operations
nick.apost@nationslending.com or call 440-527-6677

FB Lender’s resource: The Shelter is a closed Facebook group created for Loan Officers and Branch Managers at Nations to share ideas and resources, generate dynamic discussions, and exchange helpful tips. No judgement here – just the full support of your peers.  https://bit.ly/2Tfr5ja
VA Appraisal or general VA appraisal issues please contact va@nlcloans.com *not for NOV’s
*Phone Number 844-255-9717
Appraisal Final inspections search and status on orders from Global DM: https://www.vmscloud.co/MainUsers/index.aspx?CompanyID=6293
Username: first initial + last name
Password: nlc123
Pricing problems please contact Lockdesk@nationslending.com
General/non Encompass IT problems please contact nlcloans@service-now.com
Encompass IT problems please contact encompass@nlcloans.com  or call 216-487-6934 
Disclosure or Compliance problems please contact nlccompliance@nlcloans.com or call 216-503-1463 
Processing issues or questions please contact noma.worley@nationslending.com or call 832-772-4224 
CD Issues please contact solutions@nlcloans.com or call 216-393-6820 

For general information, documents you can’t locate etc please login to Microsoft online (the login is your email the pw is your email password) (link below) there is a TON of info here and on Sharepoint