Bridge Training
Weekly training sessions held each Friday at 12 noon EST.

Our marketing subject matter experts will show you how Bridge can:

• Knock down your time completing each file by 50%
• Allow users to submit docs securely, while on the go
• Help you convert more deals!

Bridge is a digital mortgage application experience powered by Blend Software that allows borrows to apply anytime, anywhere Quickly, Easily and Securely.

Simple, Fast & Safe 1003

Increase your fundings through a simple application process that is low touch and extremely user friendly. Automated verification processes speed up the process and reduce the work for your borrowers. Easy access whether on a mobile device or personal computer.

Share 1003 in-process with borrower

Start the 1003 with your borrower and then share with them to complete or simply give them access to upload the documents.

1003 Co-Pilot

1003 Co-Pilot allows you to work through the mortgage application process with your borrowers to ensure the best experience possible!

Empower your referral partners to share leads and monitor loan milestone progression on shared customers.

Access your pipeline or your leads anywhere from your Blend loan officer mobile app.

Email with Technical Issues

Email with CRM or Marketing related questions