What is Partner Plus

• P+ is a quick, easy and largely automated way to communicate with your entire database across multiple channels.

• It’s the most advanced mortgage industry “logic based” automation support system available for content management and marketing automation.

• This platform will offer unprecedented referral partner access.

Why Change?

• We know that many of you love the features available in Surefire, and do not want to lose them. With that in mind, P+ offers many of the very same features as Surefire plus more!

“Please don’t take our property Sites”

• One of the top features that you have told us that you love about Surefire is the single property website feature. One of the many great parts about Total Expert is that it offers a very similar single property website feature but P+ can pull your co-branding partners listings in automatically, so you no longer must search the MLS!

• Total Expert has 7 unique website layout options with additional customization available. Examples:

“But my partners love surefire…”

• In Partner+ a loan originator can invite realtors to sign up for a free co-marketing partner account.

• The agent can set up a quick marketing profile where they can then link up with their MLS Agent ID.

• Agents won’t have to wait for our compliance department for co-branded content approval using assets housed within this platform.

• Loan originators can view how many leads a realtor partner has shared with them as well as what co-branded marketing options they are utilizing.

“Do our partner’s gain anything new?”

• Integrated social media library

• Email library with lead drip campaigns.

• Their own login to manage and market to up to 2000 contacts.

• Lead Capture applications
Home Valuation
Open House Digital Sign in Sheet
Event Registration App
Ability to share a lead contact record with your LO and vice versa.

Compliance Relief

Partner+ platform was built with compliance in mind. How can we take the headache of dealing with compliance concerns out of the equation for our sales force? Our content within the platform is compliance approved and the system documents everything saving it to a folder for you and your co-marketing partner. Cost splits are pre-determined by compliance and visible for all co-branded assets.

LO Video Email Content

Total Expert has great dynamic engaging video email content that your contacts will love.

Logic Based Lead Journeys

Partner+ has email campaigns that consider the full journey a lead takes from prospect to post-closed borrower! The email campaign logic is built to make a loan originators life easier knowing their contacts are being contacted with email content that makes sense for their stage of the journey.


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