The marketing team at Nations is dedicated to developing tools that provide real world value for our Loan Officers. The menu below is an overview of our current platforms & lead systems.

Facebook Content

Not a social media whiz? Not a problem! Our marketing team will push engaging content to your social channels automatically. Email our marketing team to get started!

SOCIAL survey

SocialSurvey makes it easy to send surveys to your happy customers and then turn the good ones into social posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Plus, social survey make it easy to direct customers to other review sites like Yelp, Zillow and Google Reviews.

Creators Club

Want video content but need some help making it happen? We’ve got a solution for that. Work with our team of video coaches and editors to produce videos relevant to your market and your business, with help from your marketing team.

Each new class begins beginning of quarter. Email to join next class.


Our marketing team believes in the value of a strong LinkedIn presence and has developed a system in which the accounts belonging to Nations Lending producers boost each other’s content organically in order to increase both your own visibility as well as the company’s across the platform.

Facebook Ads

Nations Lending has cracked the social media marketing code. Since our data warehouse is able to target exclusive leads that do not have buyer agent representation, you'll bring only the hottest leads to your referral partners. Our Facebook leads have a contact rate north of 50 percent, and their average credit score is in the 600s. No cold-calling. No chasing realtors. No complicated "techie" stuff. Just your team and the Nation standing behind you, driving results. Schedule with Henery Lee to get started.


Loan Officer Support

The Loan Officer Marketing Assistant program truly allows our Loan Officers to free up more of their time and get more value out of their Partner+ account. Instead of worrying about logging into your CRM all day long to manage contacts and create marketing kits for your agent’s listings, have your LOMA handle those time-consuming elements for you.

Realtor List Building

When LOMA’s aren’t busy supporting a Loan Officer or Realtor partner’s marketing needs, they are proactively building a list of prospecting Realtor Partners what they will put onto an educational email journey about our value proposition. The goal is to get in front of as many Realtors as possible to get them interested in signing up with us as a co-marketing partner on Total Expert.

Realtor Support

Realtor Support:
Realtors love our marketing assistant program because they can rely on our LOMAs to consistently provide marketing materials for each for their listings. From new listing kits, open house marketing kits, social media posts, to property websites we’ve get them covered. Our LOMA service can even help realtor partners drive new leads by giving them lead generation tools they can use.

This live webinar will be held every Monday & Wednesday at 3PM EST.


Your wish is granted!

The perfect solution if you want to increase your realtor network, without consuming all of your time. Don’t have enough time to call hundreds of realtors monthly? We got you taken care of. 👊

Products page

Our product page runs down program guidelines and selling points for many of the home loan options Nations offers. Whether you specialize in government loans, or conventional, or if your clients are investors, or buying a second home, Nations has a program to fit most any client profile.


Your online hub for what’s going on at the company, including everything from important corporate announcements to monthly and yearly sales leaders. But it’s also a marketing repository replete with ideas on everything from banners and signage to individualized flyers and advertisements.

OSI Express

OSI Express is an easy and powerful mortgage marketing platform for loan officers to increase loan production by providing value to REALTORS® and consumers. Below are just a few of our corporate clients that offer OSI Express to their loan officers and REALTORS® with whom they do business to ensure productivity and compliance.

Content Library

Our content library provides unlimited access to our digital marketing assets. Find any of the following items: Video Content, Power Point Templates, Email Signatures, Facebook Post Content, Tutorials, and much more.

MBS Highway

MBS Highway is a cutting-edge digital platform that helps industry professionals to interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets. Get daily updates from industry experts like Barry Habib and ideas for marketing to all your contacts.

Partner +

Partner+ is powered by Total Expert and is the all-in-one CRM and marketing solution for not only you, but for your realtor partners as well. Co-branded flyers, a plethora of email journeys, single property websites, and more!

Partner + Realtor Support

We have an entire team dedicated to helping your Realtor partners on-board and integrate the Total Expert platform. Our support includes: a monthly webinar and virtual assistance with the many facets of the platform.

Webinars are held the 3rd Wednesday of every moth at 3PM EST.


Bridge is the new Point of Sale system Nations will be rolling out in Summer of 2020. Built on one of the industry's best in class platforms, Blend, our point of sale is a major leap forward for all users. Please contact Chris Moore if you'd like to schedule a demo.

Event Marketing

From trade shows to charity golf tournaments, Nations has what you need to make your next event truly memorable. Our offerings include: digital photo booths with lead capture, branded trade show set ups, table cloths, banners, and more. Contact Stephany Yu to see what options are available.

Remote Learning

Preview the menu of our reoccurring webinars. There are multiple learning resources covering our CRM, Marketing tools, and much more.

Custom Design Creation

Need custom design for a marketing piece? Our in-house creative department can assist you with any design need: Flyers, video content, websites, or anything else you may need.


Mortgage Coach has integrated with today’s top mortgage technology innovators to help you eliminate redundant processes, increase operational efficiencies and convert borrowers faster.