What does a LOMA do? They’re dedicated to managing the time-consuming elements of the Partner + (Total Expert) Marketing platform and realtor partner marketing needs. They also focus on assisting the loan officer with growing their realtor network and contact management.

The Loan Officer Marketing Assistant program provides Personalized Marketing Support with a focus on saving Loan Officers' time and energy by proactively supporting their marketing needs & their realtor’s marketing needs too. The LOMA assists with many different marketing elements from the Partner+ (Total Expert) platform.

The LOMA program truly allows our Loan Officers to free up more of their time and get more value out of their Partner + platform. Instead of worrying about logging into your CRM all day long to manage contacts and create marketing kits for your agent’s listings, have your LOMA handle those time-consuming elements for you. Our Marketing Assistant position can also add contacts to lead nurture email journeys, generate mortgage program flyers for you to send a borrower and much more for your referral partner network.

We realize how busy our Loan Officer’s day can be, which is why we have included contact management assistance in our LOMA program duties. Your LOMA can help you with adding contacts into your Partner+ CRM, creating a note on the contact record, and even assign a task related to that contact for you.


LOMA’s can assign tasks for you to follow up with a contact, and they can even assign a task to your realtor partners. Next time you need help remembering to complete something or follow up on a lead just send it to your LOMA with the details, and they’ll create that task for you.

Once that task is created you will get an email reminder on the day the task was created and the day the task is due. If you have Office365 to Partner+ those tasks will also show up in your calendar.


We all know how important keeping detailed contact notes in our database can be for future interactions or transactions.

Your LOMA can assist with adding notes to a contact record so that you don’t have to spend time constantly logging into the system.

Combine the power of having your LOMA make a contact note and assign a follow up task to see a higher pull through rate on leads that aren’t quite ready.


We have a wide variety of journeys in Partner+, but it’s hard to remember what each journey is used for.

That’s why it was important to us to train the LOMA’s on how to best use the journeys we have available.

Do you have someone looking to move in the next 30 days? Let your LOMA know the situation of the contact, and they can take care of the rest.

When LOMAs aren't busy supporting a loan officer or realtor partner’s marketing needs, they are proactively building a list of prospective realtor partners that they will put onto an educational email journey about our value proposition. The goal here is to get in front of as many realtors as possible to get them interested in signing up with us as a co-marketing partner on Partner+(Total Expert). After a realtor prospect finishes the value proposition email journey the LOMA will then send them a co-marketing invite from within your Partner+ account. This is a numbers game, and we help increase your odds by automating the time-consuming aspect of identifying realtors you’re not working with yet to target and then help you with get in front of them via emails that highlight what we have to offer that can help them save time and grow their business.

Realtors love our Marketing Assistant program because they can rely on our LOMAs to consistently provide marketing materials for each of their listings. From new listing kits, open house marketing kits, social media posts, to property websites we’ve got them covered. Our LOMA service can even help realtor partners drive new leads by giving them lead generation tools they can use.

Your LOMA will instantly create new listing marketing kits that they send to your realtors as soon as their listing hits the MLS. This is possible because Total Expert has a widget that notifies us when your co-marketing partners' listings have hit the MLS.

See examples below:

In the same way your LOMA creates your realtor partners a new listing media kit, your LOMA will customize marketing collateral for their open house marketing kit. Just notify your marketing assistant when a realtor has indicated they have an upcoming open house event and pass along the pertinent details so they can get started with building out their materials.

See examples below:

The Home Valuation tool is used to capture prospective leads who are looking to possibly sell their home. Your LOMA will create this awesome lead generating tool for your realtors and send it over with tips about best practices that help get the most mileage out of this lead capture app.

• Use our Home Valuation lead capture app to funnel new seller leads.
• Leads will automatically be funneled into your account and your realtor's account.
• Automated follow up emails will be sent out on behalf of the realtor with both of your information co-branded on the emails.
• They can boost this Home Valuation lead capture app on social to active shoppers looking on Zillow and Realtor.com to see optimal results.