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Communication is Very Important When Financing a Home

Communication is Very Important When Financing a Home

Communication is Very Important When Financing a Home

At Nations Lending, our loan officers know exactly how to communicate with their clients.

Borrowers have certain likes and dislikes, and need to tell their LO their preferences – which includes the use of technology.

Technology has improved the flow and efficiency of processing loans but we have found that many borrowers are still reluctant to utilize the advancements despite the effectiveness it brings to their own mortgage process. Here are some scenarios that loan officers may face from borrowers and responses they often use in order to help their clients overcome their technology phobia.

If a borrower says they don’t use technology or are not tech-savvy, loan officers will often simply suggest that if they use social media, browse the internet, and use a smartphone or email, that their technology knowledge base is more than sufficient.

If a borrower insists on mailing or hand delivering documents we indicate that technology would provide a faster and more-detailed feedback on the mortgage process. If a borrower would prefer to use email only, we let them know that certain items and documents cannot be emailed due to being an unsecure method. For example, emailing personal financial information and credit card information could pose a significant security threat.

Not just borrowers, but even some loan officers today, are not in favor of the new technological advancements within the mortgage industry. Many loan officers may feel like they cannot provide the quality of service they are used to providing because technology interferes with their personal touch and ability to engage with their borrower.

At Nations Lending we do our utmost to ensure that for the technology-resistant employees their borrowers will appreciate the efficiency technology brings to the loan transaction. Loan officers will also have additional time to bring in more business due to the less frequent follow ups they have to do on their clients.

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