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Reduce Stress in the Home Buying Experience

Reduce Stress in the Home Buying Experience

Borrowers who are cared for by NLC know that rates are important but there is more to consider. You don’t want to bargain hunt for your mortgage professional, and there is plenty of “stuff” on the radio or internet with outlandish claims. Some homebuyers report they didn’t feel as if they were a priority and many felt the process was stressful.

No matter what your experience or expectations may be, NLC stresses communication and transparency: they are paramount to having a good experience for our clients. Our borrowers have done their research and asked friends, family and their social network for recommendations. Finding someone you trust who can guide you through the process with confidence is key to a successful and low-stress home buying journey.

Buying a home is challenging enough without the hassle of preventable surprises. Lack of information and clarity from the get-go will cause confusion and stress. An NLC Personal Mortgage Advisor will take time to walk you through the process as it begins with clear expectations for timing and the steps that will follow.

The typical loan process can take more than 40 days after the application is submitted. Consistent communication from your NLC Personal Mortgage Advisor will help reassure you that everything is on track, even if there aren’t any new updates to share, thus reducing some anxiety. Person-to-person communication with your Advisor and phone calls are typically the most popular communication channel followed by email.

When it comes to overall satisfaction with the process, however, accessibility and frequent touch points are even more important than the communication channel itself. NLC’s clients have access to real-time support and online information and have less risk of unnecessary back-and-forth causing delays. Thus, the benefits of technology. NLC offers a digital, paperless platform that allows consumers to complete their mortgage application entirely online in roughly 30 to 40 minutes