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Dealing with Corporate shouldn’t be a fight

And if you have been in this business any length of time, you know today’s lending environment is drastically different from what it used to be. This has become a highly competitive business in which the field is leveled by service, timeliness, and technology.

We face savvier consumers; and although all mortgage companies offer good rates, are willing application takers, and promise to close overnight, the reality is, as you know, quite different.

We believe that, despite the challenges faced by the industry as a whole; this business is still very simple. Too much emphasis on flash can take your attention away from what referral partners and clients want—timeliness, service, honesty, and fairness. We never take our eyes off of the basic fundamentals of the business.

Common Sense Underwriting

Very few overlays. Borrowers applying for a mortgage often have unique situations that require careful consideration. Our underwriters know this from experience, and they take the time to review each application objectively.

Compliance, Accounting & Training

QM, ATR, New Disclosures, etc… the rules just keep changing. Our compliance department stays in front of the wave of changes for you. We have consistent corporate training to help you and your team stay on top of all regulatory changes.

The Nations Lending Corporation University (NLCU) has an impressive library of training. From live training events to video training, your team will find it easy to transition, and to stay current.

Nations Lending uses the most advance accounting software program for the mortgage banking industry (AMB)

Full / Live Scenario Support Desk

Need scenario help? Our live scenario desk makes putting deals together easy. Build a reputation by providing accurate and reliable information to potential borrowers.

Mobile. Paperless. Simple.

The world is flat and fits in your palm. Being able to navigate the mortgage process, from any smart device, is a must for todays consumer. We’ve developed a tool to do just that. Our app allows users to scan documents, search listings, calculate payments, and much more. See our video for more details!

Spend more time building your team

and less time dealing with your back office. We offer unparalleled administrative support to help you focus on what matters. The benefits of being part of the Nations team doesn’t end there. We also offer a full benefits package that includes: health, vision, and dental insurance, along with a 401(k) program.

Nations Lending & Mortgage Branch Opportunities

Come Thrive With Us.

The mortgage lending environment is difficult—mortgage borrowers are increasingly skeptical, the business is incredibly competitive, and lending is different from how it used to be ten years ago. Building and maintaining an effective mortgage branch is difficult, expensive, and requires a series of resources that promote excellent service, timeliness, and the most advanced technologies.

Considering mortgage branching opportunities may be the difference between a stagnant mortgage branch, and a growing and thriving mortgage branch. At Nations Lending, our branches aren’t just our affiliates: they are our partners. We are happy to help your branch thrive in today’s lending environment, effectively compete, and become savvier in the business.

Each Nations Lending branch receives red carpet treatment so that they can reach their highest potential. The benefits of joining our branch network are endless—each of your existing branch employees will receive full benefits, and your branch will be given flexible guidelines. It is critical to align yourself with different agency channels—Nations Lending is available as an invaluable asset. We will build up your team, promote talent and growth, and apply our expertise to your growth and success. Let us help you train your employees to achieve their potential, and provide marketing support to further promote your services. Contact us to learn more about our services, and get started with growing your mortgage lending business today!

We support you so that your mortgage branch doesn’t just succeed, but thrive.