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Start a business. Make a major home repair. Be there for loved ones in their time of need. Get all the cash you need, when you need it, with a Second Mortgage.

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Spring EQ – Home Equity

• 100% CLTV Stand Alone-Primary | 2nd Home | Condos
• 95% CLTV Combo Primary |2nd Home |Condos
• Credit Score as low as 640 with low LTV
• Combined liens to $2,000,000
• Max loan amount of $500,000
• No Payment Shock
• Fully amortizing fixed rate loans up to 30 years
• No Title Insurance on loans under $250,000
• Drive by appraisal only on loans under $175,000
• Prior appraisals accepted within 12 months with a Clear Capital CDA
• No Condo Questionnaire Required
• 2% LPC paid and have the flexibility of offering BPC
• Investment Properties available to 70% CLTV
• Debt Ratios available to 50% *

• Spring EQ Wholesale uses credit scores calculated on the FICO Score 8 Model. We encourage clients to take advantage of the free and fast Experian Boost product to increase their score.

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