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Product SmartSelf & SmartSelf Plus Alt Doc
For Borrowers Who: Qualify with 12 mo. bank statements
Max LTV 90% P/RT, no MI
85% Cash Out
Max DTI 50%
W2 Current Paystub Optional
Tax Returns – 4506t No
Derogatory Credit Seasoning 4yrs (Plus Program:
Mortgage History 1x30x12
(Plus Program: 0x30x12)
Asset Amortization Allowed
Max Cash Out $1M
Use Cash for Reserves Yes (Plus Program Only)
Minimum FICO 620
Financed Properties Up to 15
Loan Terms Fixed 30,ARM 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 withoptionalInterestOnly;Fixed40InterestOnly(ExcludingSmartVest)
Pre-Pay Penalty None

New Rez:

Sarah DcDowell
Direct: 318-502-2255

Scenario Desk:

Susanna Carouthers
Direct: 330-338-7785

NewRez Scenario desk:

email smartscenariodesk@newrez.com and MGoldman@NewRez.com (always CC Goldman)

NewRez Condo Review Team:

email projectreview@newrez.com and MGoldman@NewRez.com (always CC Goldman)

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