Thank you for your interest in Nations Lending (the home of home loans. made human)! Here at Nations Lending — we’re hard at work adding value to our referral partners’ businesses, because it helps feed our own! We believe that when the relationship is established, the sale naturally follows. Come see how joining The Nation can change the way you do business for the better!

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Nations Lending has cracked the social media marketing code. Since our data warehouse is able to target exclusive leads that do not have buyer agent representation, you'll bring only the hottest leads to your referral partners. Our Facebook leads have a contact rate north of 50 percent, and their average credit score is in the 600s. No cold-calling. No chasing realtors. No complicated "techie" stuff. Just your team and the Nation standing behind you, driving results.

Not a social media whiz? Not a problem! Our marketing team will push engaging content to your social channels automatically.

We believe in adding real value for our referral partners. We also believe in supporting our branch managers and loan officers out in the field. The Nation's marketing team has developed a web platform to help you deliver customized presentations to potential referral prospects. A marketing team member will partner with you directly to help develop your unique presentation.

The best use of your time, probably, isn't following up on unqualified cold leads. Our followup system allows you to automate top of funnel conversations and seamlessly catalog conversations on your mobile device. The video response feature automatically embeds pre-recorded videos into SMS communications.

The cornerstone of good digital marketing is good content. Unfortunately most mortgage professionals aren't content experts. Nations Lending has developed an industry first; called Creators Club. Creators Club is a hands on solution that allows you to capture personalized content with the support of our creative team.

All Creators Club members receive: the Black Box studio / Creative Direction / 1 on 1 coaching / Video post production & editing

Partner+ is a quick, easy and largely automated way to communicate with your entire database across multiple channels. It’s the most advanced mortgage industry “logic based” automation support system available for content management and marketing automation. Partner+ enriches referral partner relationships with industry leading co-marketing tools and support features.

• Manage up to 2000 contacts within an account.
• Access on-demand cobranded flyer and email content.
• Create Single Property Websites.
• Lead Capture Apps like the Digital Open House Sign In Sheet, or Home Valuation tool.
• Access Email campaigns built for buyer and seller leads