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Finally, true investor loan programs with rates closer to prime than hard money. Buyers may be able to qualify based on the cash flow of other investment properties, rather than personal income.

Correspondent Non-Delegated

SG Capital - EA Core

• For borrowers with near prime credit
• Up to 15 financed properties

SG Capital - EA Plus

• For investors who need a more expansive credit bucket
• Up to 10 financed properties

SG Capital – Investor Select

• For investors who want to qualify based on the asset cash flow rather than income or tax documentation
• For borrowers who have up to 20 investment properties

New Rez – SmartVest

• Max 80% LTV for Purchase
• Max 75% LTV for Cash Out
• DTI is not Calculated
• 4 year seasoning or Derogatory Credit
• Minimum FICO 620
• Up too 20 properties

Deep Haven – Investor Advantage

• Business Purpose / Investment Properties only intended for professional investment property owners.
• Mid to High Fico borrower with up to 1x30 mtg history (Fico based on Lower of all applicants)
• No Personal Income or Employment listed on 1003
• No Reserves required
• Title can vest in name of LLC
• First Time Investor is allowed at Lower LTV (70% Max)
• Must have a primary residence

Deep Haven – Near Prime

• Mid to High Fico borrower
• Asset Depletion qualifying available
• Lower reserves requirement in some cases than Expanded prime
• 50% DTI standard and up to 55% Enhanced with certain criteria and Full Doc

Deep Haven – Non Prime

• Lower to High Fico borrower
• Shorter seasoning of BK/FC/DIL/SS requirements ranging from 24mos to recently discharged/settled
• Standard DTI 43% and up to 50% with 620 Fico. 55% Enhanced ratio available with certain criteria and Full Doc

Deep Haven – Foreign National

• Foreign Nationals who are in the U.S. legally
• Borrower’s may be considered if No SSN or ITIN
• Second Homes and Investment properties, 1-4 family
• Minimum Tradelines requirement can be met with Qualifying Foreign Credit or in combination with U.S. credit.
• 12mos reserves
• Max DTI 50% for second homes
• Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) allowed for Investment properties

Broker Non-Delegated


• Perfect for Borrowers with High Net Worth and Significant Assets
• No other income required


• No Income/No ratio program designed for investors.
• Program qualifies using the cash flow of the subject property only


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