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For those borrowers looking for a home or a piece of real estate in the United States, our foreign national home loan program is tailored toward those who lack credit history in the U.S. but are looking to purchase a primary residence, second home, or investment property here. This program makes it easier than ever to pre-qualify for a mortgage, regardless of their lack of US credit.

Correspondent Non-Delegated

SG Capital - EA Core

• Target foreign nationals interested in second/investor homes in the US
• Streamlined income verification process
• No specialty translator, can use google translate
• LLC with personal guarantee permitted

Deep Haven – Foreign National

• Foreign Nationals who are in the U.S. legally
• BK/FC/DIL/SS seasoning >24mos
• Borrower’s may be considered if No SSN or ITIN
• Second Homes and Investment properties, 1-4 family
• Minimum Tradelines requirement can be met with Qualifying Foreign Credit or in combination with U.S. credit.
• Max DTI 50% for second homes
• No reserves required for DSCR Options

Broker Non-Delegated

Angel Oak – Foreign National

• Program is for borrowers that live and work outside of the US


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