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For borrowers who have turned their vision into a successful small business and who need to make sure their home loan works as hard as they do for their families. Bank statement loans are perfect options for self-employed borrowers who do not have tax documents to prove their ability to pay.

Broker Non-Delegated

Angel Oak - Platinum

• Just Missed agency fallout
• Perfect for SE borrowers using bank statements for income
• Borrowers with a major credit event between 4-7 years

Angel Oak – Portfolio Select

• Perfect for Borrowers with High Net Worth and Significant Assets
• No other income required

Sprout Mortgage – Standard Bank Statement A10

• DTI up to 50%
• Non-Warrantable/Condotel OK
• 3 months reserves up to $1M
• Cash-out can be used to meet reserve requirement
• Gifts OK
• 1x30x12 OK on mortgage
• 1 appraisal up to $1.5M
• No MI on any product

Citadel – 12 Months Bank Statements

• 12 Months Personal or 12 months business banks statements
• NEED MIN 600 MID FICO for Owner occupied bank statement loans
• NEED MIN 650 MID FICO for Non owner occupied bank statement loans
• MIN loan amount is 100,000
• MAX loan amount is 3,000,000
• MAX LTV on a owner occupied purchase with a 700+ MID FICO is 85% LTV
• Can only have UNLIMITED 30 day MTG LATES the last 12 months with a 600 MID FICO in GRADE B
• IF BK and FC must be OVER 2 years (CH 11 & 13 we use the FILING date)
• With a SHORT SALE or DIL must be over 1 day, at least 600 + MID FICO and at least a GRADE B