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Loans in all shapes and sizes, for purchase and refinance, amounts up to $3 million. Don't turn down these highly qualified borrowers simply because they don't fit into a conventional loan box.

Correspondent Non-Delegated

AIG Investor

• DTI up to 43%; 38% for FTHB
• Owner-Occupied: 5% required from borrower’s own funds; remaining may be from gift
• 6 months reserves up to $1M; 12 months reserves up to $1.5M
• FTHB allowed up to $1M w/ 740 FICO & 12 months reserves
• 0x30x24 on mortgage
• 1 appraisal up to $1.5M
• Eligible in all 50 states
• Max LTV 80% for owner-occupied purchase & rate/term refinance