In the nearly two decades which followed, our company’s co-founders, who are also our company’s co-owners -- CEO Jeremy Sopko and President Bill Osborne – fortified the foundation of their dream through compassion. The foundation of the company’s financial success and employee growth was made stronger, made whole by how we continually serve our customers, how we influence the lives we touch as a company, and provide a first class experience each time, for each customer. It’s also about a family-first culture. Ensuring we provide a work-life balance to all our employees, so each member of the Nations family has the freedom and the ability to make the best future possible for their families at home.

Taking that next step toward an even brighter future for our company, our customers, and our employees, Nations’ Leadership has determined a path for stronger, consistent, and effective growth for our continued success, by authoring the Nations Lending Mission, Vision, and Core Values (we will also refer to these pillars with the acronym MVC).

These are our Nations Lending’s MVC pillars:

Fueling dreams with compassion, one family, one home, one community at a time

Make the Best Future Possible

Show Tenacity | Be Resourceful | Maintain Integrity | Become Dynamic